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Whether at sea or dockside, our AM~PM DOCmedical professionals will reach you wherever you need us.  Our SKYDOCtechnology allows you to see and speak with our medical team to counsel you through any unique healthcare need with just one touch of a button, literally!


Through our SKYDOC Virtual Medical Office we are able to assess any medical situation and be prepared to provide you Five Star medical attention the instant you dock.  Real time, instantaneous and effective, SKYDOC will navigate you to your destination in good health.

With AM~PM DOC and SKYDOCsolutions as your north star you will be on your journey full speed ahead.

What Clients Say

AM~PM DOC is fast, fresh and visionary.
Wall Street Journal
AM~PM is ahead of its time. It’s the FedEx of Medicine, hands down.
The Miami Herald
Dr. Saffouri and all his doctors are all Super-heroes.
Jerry Powers
Ocean Drive Magazine
Prompt, accurate and effective..