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The same qualities that embody the Concierges and the impeccable service they consistently provide to their esteemed guests are the same qualities that have made AM~PM DOC masters of our trade.

AM~PM DOC works hand in hand with Concierge staff to facilitate delivering a luxurious medical experience to guests while making it hassle free and effortless to the Concierge, allowing you to move on to your next task.

AM~PM DOC has learned and modeled Hospitality Medicine firsthand from the Concierges who provide Five Star Service to guests in need.  Relying on your expertise and speed in catering to any need with the highest level of professionalism.

In appreciation, AM~PM DOC has maintained the long standing tradition of providing gratuitous medical care to all Concierges.  For you or your esteemed guests, we are one simple phone call away!

What Clients Say

I Am Most Grateful For Your First Class Service.
President Ford
Thank You AM PM DOC.
President Jimmy Carter
Thank You Dr. Saffouri.
Senator Bob Dole
5 Star Award Winning Services.
Wall Street Journal